Volunteer Team

As a large enterprise, Turning Point relies on a volunteer team to support its operations.  Volunteering is a recognised career path where people can make use of their time to learn new skills and to make a contribution to their community.  In turn, volunteers can record their voluntary contribution on their CVs, be involved in training and be recognised for their community input. 

Volunteer jobs at Turning Point includes the horticulture and workshop teams, tea room, tutor roles, and our in-house used clothing store "The Closet". 

People undertaking the National Mental Health Support Workers Certificate may also become involved as a volunteer client support person.

Turning Point maintains a volunteer team of around twenty at any one time.  To be a volunteer you need to be a registered member of Turning Point.  Contact Sage Career Support to discuss volunteering options both at Turning Point and in the community.  (07) 578 6443.