Turning Point Trust

Activities & Workshops - Te Whare Toi

A range of programmes and workshops designed to build on strengths and interests in a supportive setting

Activities & Workshops

We provide a range of day activities and programmes designed to build on people's strengths and interests in order to promote wellbeing and community engagement.   Each quarter our Programmes Team designs a programme of activities based on what Turning Point members have indicated they want.  The activities retain a core philosophy of creating opportunities for people to explore aspects of recovery in a supportive setting.  The programme can include external community activities and input from a range of specialist facilitators and speakers.

The daily programme includes

Personal Development programmes

  • lifeskills courses

  • Peer support groups and training (Peerzone and IPS)

  • fitness and health

  • social and recreational activities

  • computers and communications

  • kaupapa Maori

  • community activities

Art Space

  • visual arts and sculpture

  • computer graphics

  • creative arts

We have a fully equipped visual arts studio and excellent facilitators who can assist people to explore and develop their talents in a range of visual arts, from printing to acrylics to three dimensional creations and computer graphics.

Our creative arts studio lets people explore more tactile art and craft forms such as mosaics and contemporary jewellery as well as fabric and textile work, with support from expert facilitators.

All art work created at Turning Point Te Taiope Huringanui can be displayed in our te whare toi gallery and on our website page.

Other services

Other daily services also include the following:

Alongside these services, our staff provide quality support to all Turning Point members to assist them in their recovery journey.

Services are provided both on site at the Historic Village, and in community settings. We have an outreach creative arts group in Papamoa at the community centre on Thursdays 12.30 – 3.30pm