Turning Point Trust

Vocational Programmes and Participation Opportunities

Te Whare Ti Rākau, Te Whare Pūeru

We currently provide two vocationally based services from our Village site. These programmes enable people to gain confidence through participating voluntarily in learning activities using either horticulture or clothing and textiles workshop skills as the medium. They can explore a range of skills and look to enter into associated training. There is a real team focus to these programmes and people develop immense commitment to the projects that they are involved in.

Horticulture - Te Whare Ti Rākau

The Horticulture team, with anywhere from 4 - 8 places, undertake small scale voluntary garden work and maintain a large vegetable plot at the Village. They collect seed and raise seedlings for sale. We have also provided small scale work opportunities for Turning Point members in the past where they could undertake projects on and off site for real wages.

Clothing and Textiles - Te Whare Pūeru

Our Clothing Team with anywhere from 4 – 10 places collects and upcycles discarded clothing destined for landfill to onsell to the public and for use by our tāngata whai ora and their whanau.

Kitchen Opportunities - Te Whare Kai

We have a few limited roles for tea and coffee and kai preparation, kitchen skills, baking and daily upkeep in our tāngata whai ora client kitchen. Open for morning Tea and weekly free lunch on Tuesday for members.

The first step to entering either of our Vocational Services, any contract work or volunteer opportunities to participate is to register with us Turning Point Trust Te Taiope Huringanui (07) 578 6934 or to contact our Sage Career Support Team Te Whare Rapuara on (07) 578 6443.