Turning Point Trust

Sage Career Support - Te Whare Rapuara

We help people shape and determine their own direction

Providing direction for people who have experience of mental health or addiction issues

What we offer - At Sage, our aim is to work with whanau whaiora to reach their potential, whatever that may be. Sage is not just here to get people into work, we recognise that the most important part for people is having confidence to make a meaningful decision.

To facilitate this, we look at the total hauora of each person. We can look at barriers that might be holding someone back, and how we can best help to reduce or remove those barriers. We focus on what can be, not on what can’t. Opening possibilities for people is important on our journey.

We are here to walk alongside whanau on their journey towards wellness and recovery, and in doing so, help them rediscover their passions and interests and how they would like their lives to look going forward.

Sage Career Support - Te Whare Rapuara Sage Career Support - Te Whare Rapuara